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Tartarus, a yellow-orange K0 star, approximately 75 light years from Sol, 8 light years from nearest relay
Surface Temperature 5150 K
Luminosity = 0.552 LSun
Radius = 0.93 RSun
Mass = 0.79 MSun

Salmoneus is a boiling hot planet with a crushing atmosphere of carbon dioxide and sulfur. Radar scanning reveals a young and relatively smooth surface, indicating that Salmoneus experiences frequent volcanic activity. The planet also has an unusually high number of lightning storms.

Orbital distance: 0.34 AU
Orbital Period: 76 Earth Days
Radius: 6,224 km
Day Length:  46.8 Earth Days
Atmospheric Pressure: 103 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Temperature: 784 °C
Surface Gravity: 0.91g

Found by an Alliance survey probe in 2155, Tantalus is a lush, tranquil garden world. When first discovered, Tantalus was put on the short list for human colonization. However, it soon came to light that the native biosphere was based on dextro-amino-acids, incompatible with human life, and plans for settlement were quickly scrapped.

For years Tantalus lay forgotten by all but the resident xenobiologists, but it once again entered into public attention in the aftermath of the Reaper War. The Turian and Quarian forces on Earth, forced to live on the surviving liveships and salvaged dextro-protien vats, looked to nearby Tantalus as a long-term solution to their impending food crisis. Tantalus is now home to several thriving colonies of Turians and Quarians.

Population: 14.5 Million

Orbital distance: 0.83 AU
Orbital Period: 310.7 Earth Days
Radius: 6,857 km
Day Length: 20.8 Earth Hours
Atmospheric Pressure: 1.1 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Temperature: 26 °C
Surface Gravity: 0.93g

Sisyphus is a rocky world with an atmosphere of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The planet has an unusually high density, indicating a wealth of metallic resources beneath the surface. However, the planet also has a powerful magnetic field which interferes with all communications and renders robo-mining impractical. Despite the difficulties, there have been repeated attempts to crack into Sisyphus’s mineral wealth, all of which have ended in failure. Miners have come to refer to Sisyphus as “The Cursed Planet.”

Orbital distance: 2.2 AU
Orbital Period: 3.4 Earth Years
Radius: 7,227 km
Day Length: 3.5 Earth Days
Atmospheric Pressure: 0.8 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Temperature: -97 °C
Surface Gravity: 1.2g

The largest of Tartarus’s gas giants, Ixion’s many strong storms has precluded the development of helium-3 mining, and its unusually large and deadly radiation field has prevented exploitation of its over 80 known moons.

Orbital distance: 5.3 AU
Orbital Period: 13 Earth Years
Radius: 73,858 km
Day Length: 15.1 Earth Hours

Tityos is a standard hydrogen-helium gas giant. Calm compared to Ixion, Tityos is the main source of helium-3 in the system.

Population: 512 in orbital stations

Orbital distance: 11 AU
Orbital Period: 38 Earth Years
Radius: 57,297 km
Day Length: 18.4 Earth Hours

Located on the far edge of the system, Danaid is a massive world of water and ammonia ices, with a thin atmosphere of nitrogen and methane, with trace amounts of helium. It is theorized that had it gained much more mass during planetary formation, it likely would have formed the seed for a third gas giant.

Orbital distance: 23 AU
Orbital Period: 116 Earth Years
Radius: 12,464 km
Day Length: 12.7 Earth Days
Atmospheric Pressure: 0.3 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Temperature: - 207 °C
Surface Gravity: 0.92g


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